Do A Background Check On Yourself

June 14, 2007

Companies can order all sorts of reports on you and make judgments about you, from banks, to landlords to employers. Here's how you can see the data they're seeing and make sure the record is right.

Ars Electronica Festival Linz

April 12, 2007

During the general meeting the Ars Electornica Festival in Linz was mentioned. This year, the 'festival for art, technology and society' takes place from 5 - 11 September 2007.

'Goodbye Privacy' is the main theme of this year....

RFID Kit for geeks to play with bio-implantable types of RFID Tags (only $100)

February 23, 2007

Below an advert for an RFID experimentation kit for only $100 coming with a few different sized tags (Read Only) and maybe useful for doing some range experiments.

Stumbled Upon: Airport Security

January 31, 2007

Just something I saw on the blog of Bruce Schneier, which reminded me of many things we're all have been through :-)

AMCIS 2007: Mobile Business - Managerial Issues, Applications, and Technology

January 24, 2007

Dear all,

the enclosed CFP for the mini-track "Mobile Business - Managerial Issues, Applications, and Technology" at the 2007 edition of the AMCIS conference might be interesting especially for the work in WP11, as IdM is one of...

RFID tato for cows, mice and rats, embedded under the skin

January 22, 2007

Cattle branding comes to the 21st Century

By Bill Ray, The Register, Tuesday 16th January 2007

Somark Innovations, a small company working out of Saint Louis, has successfully tested an RFID tattoo, on cows, mice and rats:...

Communications of the ACM. Special issue: Privacy and security in highly dynamic systems

October 23, 2006

The september issue of the Communication of the ACM that appears to be particularly relevant to FIDIS.

Special issue: Privacy and security in highly dynamic systems Communications of the ACM, Volume 49 , Issue 9 (September...