Direct Marketing and Counter Profiling

September 06, 2007

Telemarketing can sometimes be a really annoying problem, especially since most of the time personal data of the customer is acquired. In order to empower the customer, EBGB from the Netherlands developed a counterscript for...

Newsmaker: Straight dope from Fake Steve Jobs. article in

July 05, 2007

By Daniel Terdiman, CNET, July 3, 2007,

For months now, one of the best-read blogs in technology circles has been the starkly funny, pull-no-punches Secret Diary of Steve Jobs.

article BBC news: Are my online friends for real?

July 03, 2007

By Rory Cellan-Jones, Technology Correspondent, BBC News

As Facebook continues its explosive growth here's one question troubling me. Are my friends for real?

article: Web Credibility: Hard Earned, Harder To Prove

June 20, 2007

By J. Nicholas Hoover, InformationWeek, June 2, 2007

Digital identity and "reputation" systems are evolving into more comprehensive and transportable ID managers.

The implicit web and the social identity

June 19, 2007

The Implicit Web:, Amazon, Google, Attention Trust

Written by Alex Iskold / June 12, 2007


As we rush through life and a myriad of web pages, we leave traces. We don't have time to think deeply about any of this. The...

Social profiles aggregators

June 19, 2007

Social profile aggregators, we sites that aggregate profiles originating from social networking systems (LinkedIn, MySpace, Blogs, etc.) appear to be increasingly popular (probably a me too phenomenon).


Examples of...